Lok Bharti


Rubber Insdustry

An out branch of our Rubber Industry is the “Tyre Industry” and further branched to the maintenance is the “Tyre Fitter” sub-industry. Tyre Fitters are part of a larger industry group known as motor vehicle parts and accessories fitters.

With the techno shift of our tyre industry, there is a pressing need to make the “Conventional” Tyre fitters Techno ready for the new products. The ideation is to give them skills wherein the gap in their livelihood earning is not seen because of the lack of technological knowledge.

Considering the need of the sector, Lok Bharti associated with Rubber Skill Development Council (RSDC), a Sector Skill Council focusing on skill development & training needs in Collaboration with AIRIA, ATMA and NSDCCorporation (NSDC)

Programs Offered

Recognition of Prior Learning (Existing Workforce): Roadside/Onsite: Tyre Fitter Skilling for Livelihood (Freshers)

  • Tyre Fitter – Servicing and Maintenance 
  • Tyre Balancing Operator